Monday, December 3, 2007

Judge - prosecutors may have overreacted in Ramos, Compean case

After a hearing in New Orleans, an appeals court judge says federal prosecutors may have overreacted in their case against former border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. The two men are serving lengthy prison sentences for shooting a fleeing drug suspect.

Judge E. Grady Jolly is one of three judges in the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hearing the appeals. He questioned whether the two agents would have been charged if they had reported the shooting. "For some reason, this one got out of hand, it seems to me," Jolly said of the agents' prosecution. He said it seems "that the government overreacted" in the prosecution that led to a 12-year prison term for Compean and an 11-year term for Ramos.

The agents' attorneys are asking the 5th Circuit to throw out their convictions. A federal jury in El Paso convicted the Border Patrol agents of assault, obstruction of justice and civil rights violations in the wounding of Osvaldo Aldrete Davila near El Paso in 2005. Aldrete survived the shooting, but was arrested in November after an October indictment on various drug charges.

There's no indication when the judges will rule in the appeals. Compean attorney Bob Baskett says he's encouraged by Jolly's comments, but Ramos attorney David Botsford says he's not reading anything into the remarks.


Michael said...

Ramos and Compean are political prisoners and I hold El President Bush and Johnny "Satan" fully responsible. Sutton should now face charges of lying and hiding evidence and Bush should be impeached. I'm fed up with Bush kissing Mexico's ass and I'm fed up with the entire border situation. This is a matter of national security. Our borders should have been locked down the day after 9/11. Punish all businesses that hire illegals and militarize the border now!

Mike's America said...

Anyone know where I can find the filings for the appeal?

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. I'm ashamed to be an American anymore. I've been in the military and have served my community in law enforcement for the last ten years. I'm telling you this sort of thing makes you wonder why bother anymore. What is this country going to do when the good guys lay down their arms and walk away.

Hosquatch said...

Michael (Dec 4) is absolutely right! Ramos and Compean are indeed political prisoners and I echo Michael's every sentiment. We must continue to press for the pardon of Ramos and Compean. If we do not, we are just as guilty as Bush, for allowing the injustice done to them to continue in our names. Our federal government has become a self-sustaining ravenous wolf which no longer serves the good of the common American in accordance with the principles upon which this nation was founded. We face a bleak future as a free people if we continue down this road to socialism and totalitarianism.

breakdownofcausality said...

I'd just like to point out that the only way to stop terrorism is to move to a totalitarian state, similar to Russia (both during the Tsarists years and during communism). Furthermore, the major causes of immigration are the farm bill, the War on Terror, and the building of the fence by Clinton. The farm bill raises the prices of corn and greatly hurts the Mexican economy while feeding the American obesity epidemic. The War of Terror has raised the price of petroleum in Mexico and is quickly making life unaffordable for many, leaving them no choice but to come here. The building of the fence changed the entire mindset of immigrants and causes them to move in greater numbers as entire families, because of the inaccessibility of moving between countries; they can no longer move back and forth between countries to help their families in fire poverty.

Jumping Jack Flash said...

Thank God that Bush is a lame duck. Shame on us for allowing him to be president 2 times in a row, (aren't we a bunch of stupid voters).First time I heard anything about Bush Jr. was when he ran his Daddies Gulf Oil support company into the ground in 1991. Now I learn he is friends with Johny Sutton who prosecuted Compean and Ramos and his relationship with Sutton gos a long way back. No wounder he doesn't want to do anthing about it. Their sleeping togeather.

Have you ever woundered what its like to do business with a company that changes names every four years.All the other Countries know.

Why don't we ask our presidential candidates who they are adding to their team, who thay have done buseness with in their past. And who they think are good business partners.

From what I have heard lately, check with the IRS. This instatution seems willing to follow the law and actively enforce it too.

With our new technology, computers, internet, e-mail we should be able to keep better informed as to what are leaders are doing on our behalf.

Why aren't we asking the new candidates who they intend to support, who they intend to hire, and who they want on their staff.

Maybe we should hire professional interviewers who can ask the right questions. Not the news media types but interviewers who will ask the questions that need to be asked.

Naturally, we need better candidates. So, please look around and ask all your friends.

America is a great country. We just need to learn how to work the system to our advantage.

alexalonso said...

Those two border agents are guilty of shooting a fleeing suspect, lying on a police report, and trying to cover-up a bad shooting. This is America and we do not tolerate bad cops.

alexalonso said...

Those two border agents are guilty of shooting a fleeing suspect, lying on a police report, and trying to cover-up a bad shooting. This is America and we do not tolerate bad cops.

Brack said...

This is America, and we believe that defendants should be given a fair trial. Unfortunately, Ramos and Compean did Not get and received a fair trial. And also Ramos and Compean were Charged, Prosecuted and Convicted under the Wrong Law. Ramos and Compean were Charged, Prosecuted, and Convicted under violating 18 U.S.C. Section 924(c), a Stature that did Not in any way apply to their cases. Ten Years of their Prison sentences is based on an indictment and a 'Federal crime conviction' that does Not exist, as U.S. Congressman Walter Jones has rightly and correctly Pointed out. Ramos and Compean need to be Freed Right Now!.

Anonymous said...

I say let them sit in prison like the criminals they are. They shot an unarmed man, covered up evidence and lied. The scumbags should at least serve 8 years. They thought they were above the law--they were wrong.

marissa said...

I'm teary eyed, it's so not enough but finally they get to go home